Yateley Morris Men 40th Anniversary Day of Dance

Saturday September 19th, 2015

Fellow Morris Dancers,

Group PhotoWell the Yateley Morris Men’s Day of Dance plans have now been finalised. Phew! We are very pleased to announce we will be joined by some fantastic Morris Dance teams with a variety of styles of dance. They are:

Ellington Morris – Cotswold
Ewell St Mary Morris – Cotswold
Customs & Exiles – Northwest Clog
Fireclog – Tap Clog
Knickerbocker Glory – Appalacian
Spring Grove Morris Men – Cotswold
Thames Valley Morris Men – Cotswold

The format will follow that of previous years in that it will be an all day event with coach tours, lunch, massed dance display and feast all included. We have two separate tours organised with some great dance spots including some amazing pubs. Here’s where you can see us:

Group PhotoTour A

Tour B

We haven’t quite worked out which Morris Sides will be on which tour. Besides, we like to keep it a surprise until the day. The good news is Yateley Morris Men will also have a full Side of dancers and musicians on each tour which is something we haven’t been able to do for a few years.

Group PhotoWe will finish the day with a Massed Morris Extravaganza in Yateley to be held at our home from home The Dog & Partridge in the centre of town. We will process from Yateley Manor School to the D&P at 17:15 and the Massed Dance show will commence at 17:30 and will last one hour. This will be your chance to see all the Morris Sides perform their best show dances.

In the evening we will be joined by a number of YOBs! (Yateley old Boys). As this is our 40th anniversary we are proud to welcome back several ex Yateley Morris Men who are no longer dancing or who have moved away. We will be feasting, dancing, singing and drinking until our energy expires! It will be a long day – but it promises to be a great day!

About Us

Group PhotoThe Yateley Morris Men were formed in 1975 and are based in Yateley, a village tucked away in the North East corner of Hampshire. The members come from a wide surrounding area and the side dances traditional English Morris dances from Cotswold villages such as Bampton, Adderbury and Eynsham.

Yateley Morris Men enjoy dancing throughout the summer. We dance at public houses every Tuesday evening from May to September: we also dance at folk festivals, village fetes or visit other Morris sides.

Highlights of the season include:

Morrocan King  It should be noted that the green is the same one that is outside the Dog and Partridge! The Yateley Men have their very own 'Hooden Horse'. Hooden Horse This cuddly beast is a true Morris animal in all senses of the word and enjoys the dancing so much that it follows us around and tries to join in. Beware!

Each year Yateley Morris Men get far more invitations to dance than we can possibly accept. The programme is settled early in the year so anyone wishing to book us would need to contact the Bagman (secretary) mid-January at the latest.

Yateley Morris Men are proud to be keeping this colourful part of English heritage alive and to support local charities. However, help is needed for the future! New recruits are urgently needed. Practice sessions run from October to April on Tuesdays in the Drama Studio at Yateley Manor School from 8:00-10:00pm. Any men or youngsters, from beginner to experienced dancer/musician are welcome. If you're interested in trying Morris, or just want to find out more about how we enjoy it, contact one of the officers.

If you would like to see lots pictures of us in action throughout the year you can look at our photo gallery.